About us

GHADI has developed its own capacities throughout the past 17 years and established solid grounds for national ecological work within a network of governmental and non-governmental partners as well as partners from Jordan. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the organization’s achievements within the past three years.

·       Establishing ecological clubs in Lebanese schools as part of the project “Green school, Green student” that was launched in 2002, in the casa of Aley in Mount Lebanon district and in schools in the caza of Koura in North Lebanon district, and following up on their activities during the academic years 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17.

·       Launching and implementing afforestation campaigns in the Chouf, Aley and North areas with the help of students participating in the ecological clubs.

·       Launching and implementing afforestation campaigns of Lebanese pine trees in Amman and Salet in Jordan as part of the convention signed between Ghadi and the Jordanian ministry of environment and with the participation of the LIONS clubs in Jordan.

·       Establishing ecological clubs in public and private schools in Amman as part of the convention mentioned above with the objective of raising the youth’s awareness on ecological issues.

·       Launching and implementing waste sorting campaigns in Lebanese schools through awareness raising campaigns and training on waste sorting and the adoption of relevant slogans. The same campaign was implemented in schools in Amman, Jordan, with the partnership of the Jordanian ministry of environment and its adoption of the above-mentioned slogans. Some of the participating schools were equipped by GHADI with the required containers for waste sorting.

·       Launching and implementing a national water preservation campaign throughout the Lebanese regions for a period of six months during the year 2015. The campaign entitled “together, we get water back to its courses” was implemented in collaboration with the national LIONS clubs. It was accompanied by a social media campaign as well as several television and radio programs participations that engaged people and led to the success of the campaign.

·       Providing municipalities in the rural areas of the cazas of Aley and Maten with technical support to deal with the problem of the Sandalwood Worm, which threatens the local pine trees. Launching social media and newspaper campaigns to raise awareness on the ways to stop the worm from spreading in the region.

·       Participating in the national campaign launched by the Lebanese ministry of environment to organize hunting, whose laws are not rigorously applied and takes place in all regions regardless of breeding seasons and using illegal hunting equipment. GHADI takes action through social media and television campaigns to put an end to this phenomenon.

·       The most important achievement of GHADI during the last three years has been the success of GHADI News website and its classification within the top ranks in Lebanon and the region, in terms of environmental knowledge and awareness raising, as well as assisting the government and other environmental organizations in communicating their projects to the online community.